“Connections” magazine asked contributors for their definition of healing in one short paragraph: by Judith Asthon

Personally, I believe we are complex multi-dimensional energy beings on a human journey of form and matter, evolving and waking up to our true nature as conscious beings created in love . We come here as physical, emotional, social, sexual and spiritual beings. Healing means “to make whole”  and  does not only mean “getting better” in the physical sense. We are all in a process of refinement and transformation of consciousness.   C.G.Jung said that he had never had a client “ who was not at root, suffering from a loss of soul .” He was right. I trust that when matters of soul are deeply addressed and a person is motivated to connect consciously to their Essential  Self that this is the deepest healing one can help someone move towards. The physical dies. We need to find a connection to that which never dies. This enables us to live fully and to die well.  When we try to understand the inexplicable ; the concepts of Grace and Miracles, we  realise that healing is  incomprehensible.  See the stories of Anita Moorjani and Eben Alexander and you will get a sense of what I mean. I believe we cannot define something that is so complex that it defies limitation.

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