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Summer 2016

The Heart Path of Massage and Meditation

by Judith Ashton BA ITEC MFPhys IMTA

Judith trained with Gerda Boyesen as a body psychotherapist and massage therapist in London in the late 1970’s, she is held in high regard by her profession and was many times President of The Irish Massage Therapist’s Association. Her “Touch for Healing” courses received special commendation from the English Nursing Board.

She has massaged hundreds of bodies and trained many therapists and has lectured and taught both at home and abroad. The lives of many people and health professionals have been enhanced by her heartfelt way of working.

Take this week to connect with your body and to celebrate its sacredness and deep inner wisdom. Learn to listen to it, to unlock its secrets, to nourish and to love it. The body is a powerful subtle complex organism with its own intelligence and rhythms which need to be responded to wisely, not exhausted or forced into shape.


Listening to and listening with your body empowers you on your journey through life. Your body tells your truth and will always guide you in the right direction if you listen to it.

Here you are offered a rare opportunity to slow down, to take time to tune into your own unique rhythms and to explore what your body needs to express to be truly alive. This is a very special week; much time is spent simply resting. By the week’s end you will know more about your precious body, the value of meditation, touch and massage.


Sli an Chroi. Kiltegan.  Co. Wicklow.

Each day starts at 8am with meditation or yoga (optional).

Schedule is : 10am – 6pm with usual breaks. The vegetarian food is delicious and organic where possible.

The course will be in a purpose built residential centre surrounded by acres of glorious countryside, with streams and gardens to uplift and nourish your spirit. Being out in Nature is vital to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, it helps us to slow down and unwind …there will be plenty of time to benefit from the surroundings.

Judith creates a wonderfully supportive space for personal growth and inter-action which  may  change  the  way  you  look  at yourself and others forever.

Judith’s unique approach is a subtle combination of massage, dance, body-work, deep relaxation and meditation.  She invites you to listen to the profound wisdom of your own body. Judith is a brilliant teacher and a deeply intuitive woman with a great understanding of the body. This week will free you from deep tensions and renew your zest for life.

Course costs €680.00 including full board & lodging.

Book by May 1st and you will pay the reduced early bird fee of €650.00.

For more details please ring:

056 7724007 or 087 6976395 or

email: judithashton1@gmail.com www.judithashton.com









Mosaic Metaphors…

Mosaic Metaphors…

By Judith Ashton

Judith Ashton5“I will be exhibiting my Mosaics in Butler House Gardens, St. Patrick’s Street, Klkenny from 7th of August to the 16th as part of Kilkenny Arts Week.  Please drop by for a chat and I would be delighted to show you my work.”

As a massage therapist and psychotherapist the art of healing and transformation of the spirit has been my interest.. for the last 30 years. I believe in the power of change and transformation whatever situation one finds onself in.

For me the process of creativity allows one to naturally de-stress and to unconsciously fall into a meditative state of mindful awareness where time disappears and the mind and body relax. The incessant chatter of the busy mind slows and one experiences a natural sense of independent well- being and harmony within. (meditation not medication.)

These mosaics are created in silence with colours to uplift the spirit. They bring with them the beauty, healing intent and the peace and calm that went into their creation.they are the results of meditation in action.

Some are made from second hand tables, mirrors and things picked up here and there discarded objects that were deemed of no value and way past their best….beyond repair, to be thrown on the scrap heap and forgotten for ever. Their history was not valued or the fact that they could be reborn in beauty and colour.

For me they are all symbols of transformation and that with time, effort, love & intention they have become objects of beauty and value to be treasured and appreciated.

Like these objects, we all have great potential within. We all have inner beauty and qualities, we just need to let them shine through and live them. Enlightenment of the spirit is our true condition and love our true nature.

Here are some of my works:

They were presented in an exhibition organised by the Crafts Council in Kilkenny, in August 2011, and they could be seen this autumn an exhibition in Kilkenny.